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Australian Couple Builds a Tiny House for Under $400

It may be tiny, and it certainly isn’t fancy. But when Australian couple Liam Culbertson and Rachel Newby set out to build a new house, they managed to upcycle, recycle and scrounge items from dumpsters and building sites to get the materials they needed to build their very own tiny house for under $400 US dollars (including gas)!

The couple didn’t have any special skills, but they learned along the way. The house was build mainly with hand tools, although they did relent and use a hand drill and an impact driver in the end.

Rachel and Liam live in a community space, so they have communal areas for socializing, cooking and bathroom needs.

“The conventional building methods that are used–it’s hard to imagine them being sustained more than 50 or 100 years into the future. Just the amount of resources they require and the importation of all kinds of things… Using recycled materials and building much smaller spaces is something that can be sustained for a lot longer into the future,” says Liam.

Proponents of a cashless economy, the couple grow vegetables and farm animals while bartering with neighbors for items they don’t have.

Watch the couple’s build by Happy Films:

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