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Brewmaster uses Yeast from his Beard to create the Perfect Ale

With Movember fast approaching, you may be considering growing a little facial fluff of your own. If you are considering the pros and cons, allow us to weigh in with this unexpected advantage of the bearded among us… yeast.

That’s right, your beard can contribute to the household in ways you can scarcely imagine! Just ask brewmaster extraordinaire John Maier. John is a wielder of hops at the Rogue Ales Brewery in Oregon and uses yeast that he harvests from his beard to ferment his ‘New Crustacean’ beer.

Before you protest, it must be noted that John has not shaved his magnificent man mane since 1978. The yeast that he harvests from his beard is lab-tested and no different from yeast harvested from anywhere else – it’s just a little more ‘personable’.

It’s only natural that John, who already grows his own hops and barley and harvests his own honey, would seek ways to make his beer as locally grown as possible. Rogue Ale’s New Crustacean will be released early next year when it will, we assume, render obsolete the hair of the dog…

See a Rogue Ale video here…


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