Enter our Earth Day Competition and you could Win $100!

Green living: Post a picture of your Upcycling Project and you could WIN COLD HARD CASH!

That’s right, no coupons, no discounts, no crummy gift baskets, just good old cash.

How to Enter: Take a picture of your green living upcycling project and post it on our Facebook site. We’ll post them on the Greenmoxie site and the picture with the most comments wins the prize!

What to do: Upcycling is the art of re-purposing and refurbishing items destined for the landfill. This means you can make a bird’s nest from an old tomato box, mugs from mason jars or a vase from an old glass. For other ideas, check out these brilliant upcycling ideas from Etsy:

What’s in it for you? Save the planet, make awesome stuff and WIN!

Green home: Mason Jar Soap dispensers

Green living: Mason Jar Soap dispensers

Super easy to make, but very striking, these mason jar soap dispensers are from Glass Act Supply.

Green living: Doilie lampshade

Green living: Doilie lampshade

Make this groovy lampshade from doilies and white glue. See the How To here.

Green living: Upcycling from Stayafloat

You don’t have to be handy or crafty to upcycle. Check out this old candlestick from a garage sale which has a second life thanks to a coat of paint.

Earth day is Monday April 22nd and its the day we remember our favorite planet. Favorite Earth Day activities include turning off the lights and adopting a “Take it Up for Earth” commitment for the coming year to augment your green living lifestyle.

Post your pictures on our Facebook Page here. Go ahead, ‘like’ us while you’re there, we know you want to!



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