(Updated) Giveaway: From Karate Belt to Fashion Statement

Thank you to everyone who entered & shared the contest. The winner is Emily Analog

Collaborating with others — I have come to realize — is a great idea. When I showed Nikki from Greenmoxie my Karate belt, she offered a gem of an idea: could I take her old Karate belt from years past and turn it a new upcycled belt?

The karate belt came about with me getting frustrated by the lack of durable and readily available strap materials. I dug into my past and remembered 4 years of grueling martial arts and found the answer.

I personally made it to blue belt and desperately wish I had held onto my Karate belts, I know I would have turned mine into these cool upcycled belts. Nikki on the other hand had kept hers and I’ve turned her one belt into two upcycled belts. She’s keeping one, and we’ve decided to give the second away.

So, you want one? We’re giving this cool upcycled karate belt away!

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Contest Closes Sept 14th @ 11:59pm EST.



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7 thoughts on “(Updated) Giveaway: From Karate Belt to Fashion Statement

  1. Andrea

    I admire your work soooo much and I would be so happy to get the belt, plus it’s my favorite color! 😀

  2. Chris Heffler

    I love my black belt that I purchase from you in the summer. A green one would be very cool! I will also reTweet and Facebook-ify this post! Keep the cool products coming!

  3. Nikki Fotheringham

    HI Kim! Thanks so much for sharing this! The belt is made bywww.lilyboys.com who custom make them for those ninja’s among us. I loved my belt, but could never think of something to do with it. Now I wear it ALL the time and it looks really great with jeans.

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