Green living: Dolphins

Green living: Dolphins bring Humans Gifts of Food

If you want the very best service in the food industry, head to Tangalooga Island where wild dolphins have a tradition of bringing gifts of foods to humans. Dolphins are among the brightest animals on the planet and it now seems as though they are the nicest too. For years, tourists along the beach at Australia’s Tangalooga Island beach resort have received gifts of squid, tuna, eels and octopus from local wild dolphins.
In a recent report by Anthrozoös, the dolphin’s food gifts were said to be “an established but infrequent part of the culture of the provisioned dolphins at Tangalooma,” even if the reasons for the gifts remain unclear.
The dolphins are accustomed to receiving food from tourists and may be returning the favour or perhaps they are taking pity on the vast pink hordes of bathers who must seem like very inexpert hunters to the seas cutest mammals.
So long Tangalooga dolphins, and thanks for all the fish!

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