How to get through the Post Fun Time Blues

Post Fun Time Blues: What my good friend accurately describes as the let down after an epic adventure. The calm after the most alluring storm. The rebuild after a tsunami of new experiences awash your previous comprehensions clean.

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Getting back to work, responsibilities, laundry, warm clothes and bill payments. Not as sexy as drinking out of coconuts between dips in the most exquisitely clear ocean, I’ll admit. There IS a way to make the ‘come down’ a little gentler, and here’s how:

Life A Life You Love

Living for just 10 days of fun a year? Forget about it. That’s the senseless and irrational framework that has us buckling from adrenal exhaustion or worse before we hit 35. Holding out all week just to revel in the weekend is a sorrowful misuse of our life. You can change that, by choosing work that enlivens you and engage in purposeful hobbies. There’s also sweetness to be found in the grounding everyday chores that provide the launch pad from which we leap. A clean and tidy home, soulful and hearty meals, a washing machine on the fritz (again) all serve as the contrast to the more alluring stuff. We need it all.

Take A Few Days After The Vacation

Transition between worlds by creating a space where nothing in particular happens. Allow your body to adjust to your new environment, unpack and journal your experiences. Call a friend and story tell, organize your photo montage, reach out to solidify new relationships made on your journey. This breadth of view grants a gentle descent into your reality.

It’s Actually OK To Mourn The Loss Of Legendary Feats

For a day or two.  Then, you must soldier on.  Human experience is overflowing with emotions of exquisite intensity. Don’t dull any of it, just so as to not feel let down or disappointment. Ride it all while maintaining a manageable balance, some place where it all meets. Smile knowingly to yourself.


This is not a life of duality. We don’t need to live in a ‘vacation’ and ‘non-vacation’ state. We as a culture are obsessed with compartmentalizing our existence: How to separate Business and Home life? Personal and Professional? How to find balance between Work and Play? This is a fallacy and ultimately self destructive thinking. We are One, everything is connected. Show up as You in each moment and blur all the lines. It’s much freer and authentic this way.

Plan The Next Great Adventure

Do you have an agenda for abundance?  My father used to caution my wild fantasies as a way to ground me from being too ‘greedy’. ‘Be happy with what you have’, is an adage we often hear. I choose to blow that up with the question, ‘How good can it possibly get?’. Then be ready, life’s about to get so much sweeter.

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Often referred to as a ‘little firecracker’, Mara is an International Yoga Teacher and Holistic Nutrition Expert. She is the founder of Yoga Renegade, a place where Yoga, Food, Travel and Green Living meet. Mara’s free spirit can lead her across the world just for a margarita and nachos on the beach. Yet, her grounded nature and dedication to health guide her back to green juice and a soulful soup. In turn, she will guide you to shed your guilt so you can live a healthy life with pure joy. Nomadic adventurer and wellness devotee, Mara leads programs and workshops all over the world.

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