Hungary Destroys Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

Hell No We Won’t Grow!

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Hungary has burned 1 000 acres of genetically modified corn which was found to have been grown from GMO king pin and evil corporate genius Monsanto (Darth Vader theme song….)

According to Hungary deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development, Lajos Bognar, the crops were destroyed as Hungary does not allow genetically modified agriculture. The company that distributed the banned seeds in Baranya county is under liquidation and farmers will not be compensated for their lost crops.

The legislation banning genetically modified crops was introduced in March and follows on the heels of a similar ban in Peru.

The Hungarian government has taken these drastic steps to prevent the spread of Monsanto products. Monsanto has patented its genetically modified crops and cross pollination with indigenous strains will mean that new crops will contain the patented Monsanto strains. Farmers in the US have already experienced this phenomenon and are no longer able to harvest some of their crops for seeds (even if their crops were not grown from Monsanto seeds) as cross-pollination ensures that some of the farmer’s crops will contain patented Monsanto strains. Farmers who save seeds from crops that have been patented will be sued by Monsanto.

The drastic steps taken by the Hungarian government are said to be a preventative measure designed to stop the spread of GMO strains in the country.

 *Feature picture courtesy of End All Disease.


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