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Interior Designs On-Trend this Year

When a new year rolls around interior designers are often asked to predict what will be ‘in’ for the next 12 months. Good thing we’re also psychic! Well, based on experience, observation, trade show and seminars etc, here’s just a few things to look out for…

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A huge trend is incorporating warm metals like brass, copper and gold into the home. Like jewelry, they add warmth and elegance positioned next to any material, making a room feel more luxurious, regardless of budget. Increasingly, these metals are found in fixtures, furniture and hardware as well as accent pieces i.e. accessories and art. Antique brass is a more muted version, but still exudes a touch of opulence.

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Also in vogue is mixing materials in a space. This includes everything from finishes (whether it’s concrete flooring, an acrylic countertop or a metallic tile back splash) to patterns and textures in wallpaper, upholstery or accessories. Even a singular item may be comprised of several substances, such as a vase made from glass, wood and ceramic.

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Saturated colours seen on anything, including wall coverings, upholstery, window treatments, and cabinetry, are here to stay for 2014. Colours are bright, vibrant and playful. Besides the colour of the year (see January’s blog), try turquoise, orange, and pink for a modern update.

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Geometric shapes are big, ikat prints endure and organic and industrial items are still going strong in residential spaces. Animal motifs, from birds to rhinos, continue to appear in all sizes and forms. Last, but not least, ‘eco design’, which includes repurposing and up-cycling, is also a growing movement (fortunately!) and one that certainly warrants a future blog. So stay tuned!

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At the early age of 12, Peter designed his own bedroom to rave reviews and subsequently cultivated his passion for design. A graduate from the New York School of Interior Design, Peter has lived in Amsterdam, London, New York and more recently in Toronto where he founded Oudejans Interiors in 2010. Greatly influenced by his time abroad, Peter infuses a modern, European flare in his work, making an environment feel enduring, stylish and elegant, while ensuring functionality. He works closely with clients, tailoring their space to reflect their personality and lifestyle. Check out his website at

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