Let’s go A-MAZE-ing!

While corn mazes (maize’s?) are a fall tradition, Brett Herbst has taken this unique country art to a whole new level. Brett’s amazing works of art require thought, planning and the help of GPS satellite tracking. Brett’s creations range in size from 8 to 60 acres.

How to make a corn maze
Brett designs the mazes and then stakes out coordinates in the corn field. Spray paint demarcates the outlines and his crew cuts swathes through the corn with ride-on mowers and rototillers.

Although Brett’s designs look incredibly complex from the air, he likes to make them easy enough to navigate on the ground so that visitors don’t get lost. “You don’t want people to be lost for three hours.” he told Wired Magazine.

If you do happen to get lost, scanning QR codes on posts set around the labyrinth will help you to solve the puzzle.
Brett calls his mazes ‘agritainment’ and they speak of a far greater love for farming in general: “Agriculture has always been my passion and this has been a way for me to share a part of that experience with others. The overwhelming response we’ve received has exceeded even my own expectations.”

You can find mazes in your state, or get Brett to make a maze in your own cornfield by visiting his website.
Featured image courtesy of Nic Anthony. Other images from www.themaize.com

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