Malaysian Artist Creates Portraits from Coffee Stains

Malaysian artist Hong Yi has an interesting approach to creating incredible portraits. She uses the ubiquitous and eco-friendly coffee stain and turns it into something beautiful. Hong Yi has built an eclectic portfolio that includes work from her time in architecture and her new endeavors which include creating pieces from unusual materials. Here is a coffee stain portrait of Lucio Dalla, beloved Italian singer, which was donated to the mayor of Milan.

Coffee 2

Here is an incredible video of Hong Yi creating a portrait replete with sad love song by the subject of her painting, Korean singer Jay Chou.

The coffee stain art is only one aspect of Yi’s incredible portfolio and she is known as the artist who likes to paint, but not with paint. She’s done Ai Wei Wei in sunflower seeds.


She’s done basketball star Yao Ming in (your guessed it) basketball-splattered paint.

Yeo Ming

And Adele in melted candles.


Hong Yi currently runs her own design studio and lives between Shanghai and Malaysia.



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