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Monsanto: The poster Child for Evil Corporate Genius aims to make money on Collapsing Bee Colonies

What do you do if the GM products and pesticides that you create are decimating the world’s bee population? You buy up the one company that is studying the demise of bee colonies around the world so that you can blame something else instead. Oh, and then you find ‘cures’ to the dying bee populations rather than preventing their dwindling numbers by changing your evil ways.

Is it just me or does Monsanto really outdo themselves in fulfilling the ‘large evil corporation only interested in their insatiable greed’ stereotype?

In yet another dashingly fiendish move, Monsanto has bought Beeologics, the firm at the forefront of studies into the cause (and prevention) of bee colony collapse worldwide. While GM crops and pesticides are the major cause of the desperate drop in bee colony numbers, the new Beeologics approach is to blame colony collapse disorder (CCD) and Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV) with the intent to provide marketable cures to these ailments.

Beeologics markets Remembee which is said to combat CCD. Three recent studies* have found that root cause of CCD is a group of pesticides known as neonicotinoids. When these neonicotinoids are absorbed by the plant, they are passed on to bees through the pollen and nectar which they gather. This is thought to disorient the bees which makes it impossible for them to return to their hives and accounts for the disappearance of whole colonies.

Now it seems like fox owns the chicken coup. Well played evil genius….well played.

* Studies conducted by Science magazine, Purdue University and the  Harvard School of Public Health.

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