Taco Bell’s Beef with “Meat”

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Meat’s been getting a bad rep lately; what with product recalls, bad beef, horse meat and the increasing popularity of veganism, the meat industry has been taking a beating. Infegy analysis suggests that 43% of internet conversations about meat over the last six months were negative. That’s why Taco Bell has decided that one way in which it will make its food healthier is to stop calling it meat. Instead, the artist formally known as meat will be called ‘protein’ because it sounds healthier. Well played Taco Bell, well played.

Dayton Ohio Taco Bell customers are the lucky fishes who get to take the new ‘Power Protein’ menu for a test drive. Taco Bell has claimed that it will endeavor to make its food healthier over the next seven years by using less meat. And the first thing they are going to do is to add more meat (sorry protein!)

The new Power Protein menu has twice as much ‘protein’ in its burritos and bowls, but does at least come in at under 450 calories. Now with the addition of the new Dorritos taco shell, we’re well on our way to healthy!

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