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Take a Peek in the Tiff Goodie Bags

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has just kicked off in the nation’s largest city. Star gazers are flocking in to see this year’s hottest films and catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities in the most glamorous event of the year. Brie Larson, Angelina Jolie, Idris Elba, Dame Judi Dench and Kate Winslet are just some of the celebrities you can expect to see on the red carpet this year. And it’s not all work, work, work for our favourite actors… the stars are also in for a treat! This year’s TIFF goodie bag is jam-packed with some of the best products that Canada has to offer.

The hampers are put together by GLO Communications and are packed with exciting gifts from mostly local artisans. This year’s goodie bags are surprisingly highbrow as they feature so many books by great Canadian authors. Stars will enjoy the new Rakuten Kobo reader which is waterproof. The Aura h2o can be submerged in water for up to an hour (perfect for reading in the pool!) and comes with a library of over 5 million books.

Books by local authors make up a huge part of the goodie bag and include publications from DK Publishing, Penguin Random House Canada and Park Row Books. Everything from children’s books to books on Canadian birds will help to entertain our stars while they are here or jet setting around the world.

Stars can enjoy a drink from Ace Hill Beer, a sparkling coconut water from Thirsty Buddha or a chocolate almond milk from Natur-a—all proudly Canadian brands that will keep our celebs hydrated.

Need a quick snack between red carpet appearances? The Toronto Popcorn Company has that covered with a truly Canadian bacon cheddar popcorn or chocolate coconut chips from Hungry Buddha.

Fancy a cuppa? DAVID’s TEA adds a wonderful selection of their herbal teas as well as a tea press for making hot or cold teas.

Annie Thompson is the queen of Toronto’s sustainable fashion scene, and is supplying the goodie bag itself from her “Personal Baggage” line.

HP is gifting its new Sprocket printer which allows you to print pictures from your phone. This printer fits in your pocket and prints on adhesive paper, giving your selfies with celebs a whole new life of their own.

When it comes to glamour, there’s a whole bunch of pampering going on with personal products from the Barefoot Venus company, elegant fragrances from Yardley, delicious products from the herbal apothecary Helen + Hildegard, wonderful skin care from Mèreadesso and natural hair-care products from Pureology.

Our well-heeled stars can look forward to receiving dazzling jewelry from Studio1098 in Toronto.

There is so much Canadian goodness crammed into each TIFF celebrity hamper, they had to be delivered to the star’s hotel rooms because they were just too heavy to carry. Who knows, once Hollywood’s finest get a taste for all our local Canadian talent and products, we may be seeing a lot more of all our favourite celebrities!

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