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Vegan Dating Sites? It’s a Thing!

Guest post by Alex Reddle*

All things vegan are rising in popularity, so it’s no surprise that our animal-loving friends are looking for like-minded individuals to love. If you are looking for that special someone who loves animals (and tofu) as much as you do, then here’s how to go about making a match. There are many ways you can meet fellow vegans both on and offline. Here are a few of our favorites:

Vegan Festivals

One of the best places to meet other vegans is at a Veg Festival.  If you’ve never been to one, you should go. We’re talking cooking shows, book signings, charitable events, activist wear and (of course) more vegan food than you can poke a sharp stick at! So get out and mingle while enjoying the very best of vegan cuisine. Find a list of vegan festivals here.

Have you Met Herbivore?

Go on… grow a pear and sign up to a free vegan dating service like Veggie Matchmakers.  Try it out before you commit to a paid service unless you meet the vegan of your dreams.

Veggie Date allows you to search for people who are vegetarians or vegans by refining search criteria.

Vegetarian Dating may be just the ticket for your salad soulmate or maybe just a fling.



Meetups for Vegans

Meetups takes the worry out of connections and introductions. They match people with experiences, making up over 1,700 activity groups from Las Vegas to Japan, with over 800,000 other like-minded vegans . You won’t be disappointed at the choices you have as they are endless.

Lettuce go forth and find our veggie love connections. Green your romantic life and make love rather than carbon footprints. Good luck to you and happy trails partner!

*Alex Reddle – online dating specialist, got my Psychological degree at Kent State University, specializing in the subject of interpersonal relationships, love, finding a partner. I like to study human behavior and ways of communication. As Chief Editor of blog, I conduct my own studies and share my experience: author-flirt-blog/


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