Green living inspiration: Meet Kristina from StayaFLOAT

We all have impressive plans for art, craft and home décor projects if we could just find the time (I’m talking about you Pinterest addicts!) But today Greenmoxie takes its hat off to Kristina from StayaFLOAT who upcycles garage sale finds and creates exciting new items that will really tie a room together. We hope her creativity will inspire you to tackle a weekend project or consider buying upcycled items rather than new stuff which is lousy with VOCs and carbon footprints.

Tell us a little about yourself Kristina

I am a stay at home Mom of 2 girls, 6 and 1. They keep me very busy. When I am not chasing them and doing my motherly chores, I like to create. I enjoy upcycling. Instead of throwing something away, I like to make it great and give it a second life.

How did you get started?

One day I was browsing a local thrift store and noticed an old ceramic unicorn. I liked the shape but the way the unicorn was painted was not appealing. I took it home and decided to spray paint is solid pink. I loved it so much that I decided to gather more items and spray paint them too. green living

Why do you use second hand items rather than new finds you could get from dollar stores?

I upcycle used items so that these items are kept out of landfills and also I can pick them up for a good price and then my customers can get a good deal. It’s a win, win. I love to work with sea glass. I make jewelry and also turn the sea glass into beads for jewelry making supplies.

Tell us more about your store

This store has been open a couple years. I first started with just recycled glass. Glass that looks similar to sea glass. It was broken glass that was on the way to the dump, saved and tumbled. I would drill the glass and sell as beading supplies. My shop mainly carries upcyled home decor. I currently have vases, ceramics, and candle holders.

What advice do you have for future upcyclers?

I just think that if you see something with potential, grab it, give it your own touch. Something you see at a garage sale may seem hideous at first, but with a bit of creativity and elbow grease it can become a prized possession.

See all the items in Kristina’s store by visiting or clicking here. Check out Kristina’s recycled glass shop here. These make great gift items!

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