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Couple Create a Tiny House in a Van

Can you convert a van into a livable home on wheels on a tight budget using IKEA and just a small bag of tools? Yup! You bet you can. The “van life” trend is really catching on as more people live life on the road. Nomads Sophie and Richard converted a Dodge Sprinter into a tiny home on wheels with some ingenious design ideas that maximize the tiny space. Watch their van tour on Tiny Home Tours to get inspired.

While gearing up for a North American tour, the couple renovated the van so that it has a propane stovetop in the kitchenette which boasts an inexpensive sink made from a metal salad bowl with a drain cut in the bottom and a small fridge.

Two 4-gallon tanks for water storage make it easy to refill at gas stations while soft fabric storage containers will eliminate rattling while on the road.

Spray foam insulation will keep them cozy in the colder months while reducing noise. A custom skylight can be covered with mosquito netting or foam in colder weather.

The sofa doubles as a dining room and can be pulled out to create a guest bed when the portable fridge is removed. Storage for clothing and other items fits in bins under the sofa.

There’s more storage under the platform bed where bins house tools and outdoor gear.

Richard and Sophie are happy to help with your van conversion. You can reach them at [email protected].

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