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How to Make a Swedish Log Stove

The Swedish Log Fire is a safe, resilient way to create the ultimate cooking fire. Whether it's a starry, starry night, or your're mired in rain, wind or snow, the Swedish log is going to cook your dinner like a boss! It couldn't be easier to make and it's a real feather in your camping hacks quiver.

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How to Maximize Space in Your Tiny Home

tiny homes

Many desirable benefits can be associated with tiny home living, such as a lower carbon footprint, less time cleaning, and fewer living expenses. Though the benefits are many, a lack of space can be one significant disadvantage.    

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How Does the Sun’s Location Affect Solar Panels?

If you're interested in solar power, there are a few issues you should consider before you install solar panels. The location of your home is one of those issues. But how does the Sun's location affect solar panels? Keep reading to find out!

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Natural Black Fly Repellents

Eeep! its black fly season and if those little critters are taking chunks out of you, there are ways to fight back. Traditional chemical repellents don’t do the trick and are full of harmful toxins, but there are some natural ways to beat back those little beasties.

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4 Backyard Makeover Tips

Foraging tips

If you want to extend your indoors to your outdoor area, a backyard makeover can help you actualize it. With the right techniques, you can revamp your outdoor space for better curb appeal. This article outlines four backyard makeover tips.

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