Going Green: 8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying an E-Bike

USA e-bike sales outpaced traditional cycles by 16 times in 2021. That’s quite a surge. Restrictions over the last two years left many of us eager to get out in nature. We wanted to make our return commutes fun. E-bikes are the perfect way to do this, and their sales are evidence of their success.

Looking for a fast, environment-friendly way to get around? Eco-friendly bikes are what you need. Read on for eight reasons why you should buy an e-bike.

  1. An E-Bike Is a Speedy Way to Get Around

With your e-bike, you can get off the line fast. This is perfect for city commutes. E-bikes are super easy to park in the city; this is even free in some areas. Park it wherever you would park a regular bike. Get to where you’re going fast.

Did we mention you can adjust their pedal assistance? Meeting friends for coffee? You can skip arriving sweaty and disheveled. Turn up the assistance and glide to your destination. Manufacturers keep e-bike speed within safe limits. They are still way faster than a regular bike. You can get through traffic easier than cars, and you keep the air clean.

  1. Be Kind to Your Environment

Some may argue that electricity needs power plants. But 2018 research says the global warming effects are still lower. E-bikes are more efficient than the most efficient gasoline vehicle. E-bikes are popular in some of the world’s greenest cities. These include European capitals like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Zurich. Adelaide, Australia, and Calgary, Canada, are keeping the air clean with e-bikes, too.

On a street level, e-bikes produce zero emissions. No more exhaust fumes in your face on your commute. Their size means whole fleets of them can fill city streets without producing dirty air. There’s the feel-good factor too.

  1. Boost Your Mental Health

Getting out in nature boosts your mental health. You can use your e-bike on cycle paths, green country lanes, anywhere. The best e-bikes have a charge for a full day’s outing, and you can find charge points in most towns.

Even in the city, an e-bike reduces your stress levels. They make your commute fun. Remember sitting in your car, moving at a snail’s pace to work. Tension rises as your eye the clock. On your e-bike, you can weave to work. You get exercise from your e-bike too. How much exactly?

  1. Burn Calories and Tone Up with an E-Bike

We know, e-bikes take no effort, right? Wrong. Turns out riding your e-bike is a fantastic workout, and here’s why.  You can adjust assistance levels. This lets your burn more calories when you want to, and you can use less energy in your commute too. Need a quad and glute workout? Turn down the resistance and feel the burn.

Your upper body holds you up, and this is great for toning. You’ll build strength in your arms and shoulders. Then there’s your core. Keeping your balance on an e-bike may be easy. But your core is working hard as you take corners, move off from the lines, and climb hills. The whole workout is low-impact. It’s like regular cycling, but the assistance is kinder to your joints.

  1. E-Bikes Make Hills a Breeze 

Sometimes, you want to get to the top with little effort. We get it. With an e-bike, turn up the power and breeze to the top of the hill; you can try harder on the next hill. This makes e-bikes great for those with cardio problems or those looking to get fit, but need to start off easy. You’ll reach your goals with an e-bike. You can go anywhere, with the right gear. Big-tire e-bikes like the GB1 Bicycle let you go off-road. You can tackle snow and mud, and get out in nature all year.

  1. Save Money with an E-Bike

You’ll save on gasoline with an e-bike, but you knew that. There are e-bike savings that are less obvious, but just as important. E-bikes need far less maintenance than a car or motorcycle. They have fewer moving parts. Tune-ups and repairs, when needed, are way cheaper.

With some training, you can even fix up your own e-bike. Disclaimer: be sure you know what you’re doing first. Then there are the parking savings. You can park an e-bike in many places for free. They take up little space, and you can even park them indoors. Lots of cafes, restaurants, and shops are bike-friendly.

  1. The Law Is on Your Side

E-bike safety, emissions, and popularity warranted a change in legislation. This is fantastic for e-bike owners. In 2002, Congress enacted a federal law redefining e-bikes. Two or three wheels with motor power less than 750 watts. You can travel up to 20 mph with full assistance, or over 20 mph with a combination. Helmets are needed in most states. Some states require a license. Many do not for 20 mph speed e-bikes. Anyone over 14 years old can ride an e-bike. You can drive on most pathways, roads, and trails. Easy.

  1. Best Time to Buy Your E-Bike Is Now

Competition and demand have pushed e-bike tech to new heights. The latest models are efficient, comfortable, and stylish. Greater production has reduced the cost of electric bikes. Their savings will pay for themselves.

The latest GPS tech keeps you going the right way. You can go anywhere on your e-bike, and you can charge them fast in most places. There are all kinds of e-bikes for sale. Market demand has made electric bikes accessible. There are electric bikes for taller, shorter, younger, and older riders. E-bike companies have designed e-bikes for disabled users.

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We hope you enjoyed our guide to the benefits of an e-bike. They are our favorite way to get around. Give e-bikes a try and join us. Now is the best time to join the e-bike community. Make your commute fun. Stay healthy and keep our environment clean with eco-friendly bikes. Looking for more sports and recreation tips? We have easy reads for cycling, camping, and green living. Pedal on over to the rest of our site, and happy cycling!


Nikki is an author and writer specializing in green living ideas and tips, adventure travel, upcycling, and all things eco-friendly. She's traveled the globe, swum with sharks and been bitten by a lion (fact). She lives in a tiny town with a fat cat and a very bad dog.

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