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How to Forage for Fiddlehead Ferns

Fiddleheads are the unopened leaves of the ostrich fern. Young fiddlehead fronds are a favorite among foragers as they are delicious. Want to know how to identify and cook fiddleheads? We've got your back!

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6 Easy DIY Free Bird House Plans

Free birdhouse plans

It's spring! Our feathered friends are engaging in that sweet, sweet, spring fever and you can help by providing birdie BnBs. There are many reasons for attracting birds to your garden, they are great to watch, you're supporting local wildlife and they provide excellent pest control. Here are some free bird house plans to get you started.

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Companion Gardening Guide for Veggies

companion gardening

Companion planting has been around for hundreds of years. Companion planting pairs plants that offer benefits to their neighbours. Learning which plants to plant next to each other will help you regulate pests, reduce water consumption and produce healthier, more abundant veggies this summer.

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