Tiny house plans

This Rustic Tiny House has a Treehouse Too!

All photos by Vanguard Properties

We are in love with this adorable tiny house. And if you like it too, it’s for sale! Listed with Vanguard Properties for $300,000, this gem is a must for those who love sustainable living. Built in 1959, this amazing tiny home was way ahead of it’s time.

Tiny house plans

The 324-square-foot cabin was built on the banks of Dutch Bill Creek in Monte Rio, in Sonoma County. Despite its tiny interior, you’ll have all the amenities and some clever uses of space provide you with all the creature comforts like a full bathroom with a clawfoot tub.

Tiny house tips

You can cook your meals in the kitchenette and enjoy a good night’s rest in the sleeping loft.

Tiny house innovations

You’ll have plenty of space to store you extra goods in the two sheds and don’t worry if you have guests, they can stay in the tree house!

tiny homes

The deck wraps around your house to almost double your living space and provide breathtaking views through the forest.

The beautiful spiral staircase wraps around the tree to help you up the tree house that is the bee’s knees.

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