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7 Free Floor Plans for School Bus to Tiny Home Conversions

Have you ever dreamed of packing all your possessions in an old school bus and heading for the hills? Well dream no more! Here are some free floor plans for your school bus conversion to help you start your project of a lifetime. Get those creative juices flowing and check out these clever conversions, creative uses of space and all round wonderful ideas.

skoolie floor plans






Find a great resource at the forum skoolie.net where users share floor plans and tips that can really help get you on the right track. School bus floor plan free 2

Great ideas from Gone Camping. On this plan here we have a free space for a euro recliner, so you can save your space and get one more sleeping place. Not sure if you can afford a tiny home renovation? Check out the car title loan calculator to find out what your vehicle qualifies for.

School bus floor plan free

Just one of the great ideas on the forum at Bus Nut.

Tiny home living

Get the full story with pictures on this great build at Hank Bought a Bus.

Tiny house ideas

Another great plan from Skoolie.com for your school bus  to tiny house conversion.

skoolie floor plan





This skoolie floor plan comes to us from schoolbusdriver.org

Pimp my School bus conversion plan

Custom Evolution Coach bring you this great free floor plan for your bus conversion.



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3 thoughts on “7 Free Floor Plans for School Bus to Tiny Home Conversions

  1. Joshua Howard

    Great article! I’ve been dreaming about it since my childhood. But I think it’s not a simple task. I have a question, How much does a bus conversion cost?

  2. Carlos

    Hey Joshua, I’m researching for my Skoolie conversion and I think the average number is probably around $20,000. Of course, that depends on what bus you find, what you plan to do with it and if you do the work or not. I hope that helps

  3. dwest

    We purchased a 12 year old, 38-ft long International DT466E with just under 80K miles. It was $10-thousand. Very minimal rust. A real gem which could’ve been put back in service. Ten thousand may seem like a lot, but not when you consider the value in terms of quality. We could have very easily purchased another bus for half what we paid, then poured in thousands for engine repairs, body upgrades to mitigate rust, etc. So it was six of one, half-a-dozen of another.
    Next, we did the solar install first (after the obvious gutting process of removing seats, etc). The real estate on the roof dictated the rest of the system. We have twelve 100-watt panels up there. That 1.2 kW then shaped the rest of the system. The average daily sunlight in our area, zone 5, is about four hours. So we calculated our battery bank recharge rate, from absolute flat, to fully charged, to be within this four hour window. And we came up with 200 Ah. The system is also a 24-volt system, so, if you go with 12 volts that would be a 400 Ah battery bank. We went with 24 volts because of voltage drop to long runs of DC for lights etc., and the slight efficiency improvement for our inverter. Total cost of our electrical system (so far) is just over $8-thousand. With the tax credits from our state and fed-govt, the bottom line was just under $5-thousand.
    And that’s as far as I have got with this conversion so far. Just under $20-thousand. We estimated spending right around 50 to 60 thousand, or about the same as an average down payment for a house. So far we are right in middle of our goal posts for budget. The “hard” part is actually doing the work. I’m all by myself on this and we just had an addition to our family. So, the bus has been sitting for almost a year! Perhaps when our son gets older he can help me pick up where I left off 😉

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