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Awesome See-through Animals

Just when you thought Mother Nature couldn’t get any more incredible… transparent animals! Found mostly in Venezuela, these Glass Frogs provide us with the perfect evolutionary answer to the biology class dissection. While millions of their brethren die annually in high schools across the country, these crafty critters give students a view of their internal organs and live to leap another day.

Let’s move on to the more conventional… jelly fish. We love these delightful little blobs of goo that move in mysterious ways and light up the ocean.

Photo by Bill Curtsinger


This Glass-winged butterfly is common across great swathes of Central America. The clear wings dissected by veins give the wings a ‘glass window’ look.

Green living

Photo by Hemmy

Clearly fishy! This amazing flounder uses its flat body to keep a low profile on the ocean floor. Its transparency helps to camouflage it and protect it from predators.

green living flounder

And now for the grand finale, we’ve saved the best for last! Take a look at this barreleye fish. The strangest thing about it? The eyes are actually the green blobs rather than the rather forlorn looking black blobs at the front of the face which are ‘nares’ or nostrils.

green living barreleye



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