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Student’s War on Trash Affects Real Change

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“It’s not very often that you see two 17-year-olds wake up early on a Saturday morning to go pick up garbage,” laughs Sam from PickWaste, an organization these two friends started to try to clean up litter in the Toronto area.

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Lancaster County Cleans Up Its Waste Disposal Act

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Did you know that the average American discards of roughly 7 pounds of trash a day? The USA has an enormous garbage problem with nearly 90% of all raw materials extracted in the country ultimately making their way into landfills or the insides of incinerators.

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7 Ways you can Reuse and Recycle Clothing

According to the EPA, in just one year, 2014, 12.15 million tons of clothing reached end-of-lifecycle in the US. At this point, they could be recycled, donated, or sent to a landfill. Here's how you can reduce, reuse and recycle your old clothing to save money and Mother Nature too.

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13 Brilliant Backyard Upcyling Project Ideas

This springtime, move your backyard from Blah to Booyah! with these cheap, fun, easy and sustainable upcycling ideas. Using repurposed items to up your backyard game means you save money, and you save the planet as old items are kept from the landfill.

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