13 Brilliant Backyard Upcyling Project Ideas

This springtime, move your backyard from Blah to Booyah! with these cheap, fun, easy and sustainable upcycling ideas. Using repurposed items to up your backyard game means you save money, and you save the planet as old items are kept from the landfill. You’ll be making friends and influencing neighbors this summer with a backyard that is bound to become your new happy place.

Garden path

Cut tree rounds make the perfect pathway. Adding some pathways and beds will reduce the environmental impact of your lawn and you get more time to play o the weekends.

Colander upcycle

Wind chimes can be made from old cutlery, kitchenware, jewelry and decorations.

Upcycledbowl mushrooms

A trip to your local charity shop will yield a wealth of vases and salad bowls for garden mushrooms. Use ceramic glue to attach them and either paint them or leave them clear.

Grow a Teepee

Green tepees are a perfect play room, meditation hangout or just a fun feature. Use climbers like beans, sweet peas and morning glories.

Upcycled see saw

An old tire, a piece of wood and two handles are all you need for a backyard upcycled seesaw. Googly eyes are optional!

Recycled drawers

Turn your old drawers into beautiful upcycled planters and add a splash of color to your backyard.

Upcycling marbels

Turn the knots in your fence into mini upcycled stained-glass windows. If you don’t have enough holes in your fence, a drill will take care of that!

upcycled bord feeder

Turn upcycled vintage chandeliers into fancy feeding stations for birds by gluing on some old teacups. Put different food in each cup to attract a wealth of birds to your backyard.

Bench upcycled

An old tree trunk and some upcycled chairs will make a wonderful bench for your back porch or around your fire pit.


Use an upcycled bird cage to add a touch of whimsy to your back garden.

Upcycled Strainer

Hang up an old upcycled colander and get a cute hanging basket perfect for your summer annuals.

upcyled lamps

Use clear coat to seal an old party dress and turn it into a beautiful upcycled tree lamp.

Upcycled tin can lamps

Some old tin cans and a nail and hammer is all you need to create these beautiful outdoor lamps.

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