Natural Ways to Rid Your Home of Flies

House flies and fruit flies (resisting the urge for a time flies pun here) are driving most of us mad this time of the year. Fly paper is pretty disgusting, especially when it gets stuck to your face at two in the morning when you got up to get yourself a glass of water (don’t ask…) and you don’t want pesticides in your home either. Luckily, you can make your own fly traps that use items you already have in your home or fly repellents to keep your home fly free.

Fruit Fly Free

Fruit flies breed in drains, so pouring down a half a cup of white vinegar from time to time will keep your drains clean and will kill all the fruit fly eggs.

Put all fruit and vegetables in the fridge to prevent fruit flies from breeding. Remove any garbage and food waste from your home or keep it in a properly sealed trashcan.

Wash fruit and vegetables when you bring them into the home to remove any flies or eggs that may be on the skin.

Fruit Fly Trap

Pour a little apple cider vinegar into the bottom of a glass jar. Cover with cling wrap and poke some holes into it. The fruit flies will be attracted by the fermenting vinegar and will get in through one of your holes, but won’t be able to get out again. Adding a few drops of dish washing liquid will break the surface tension so flies die faster.

You can sweeten the deal by adding some fruit to your trap, especially if it’s past its due date. Red wine* is also irresistible to fruit flies and at least they get to go out with a bang.

Getting Fly Free

You can prevent flies by cleaning up after every meal, keeping your garbage closed and wiping down your counters so that there are no food sources for flies. Growing basil, lavender or mint on your windowsill can also deter flies and keeping your screens in good working order will prevent them from getting in to your home in the first place.

Cut a 2 liter soda bottle in half. Place your bait in the bottom of the soda bottle. This can includefly-trap-31 rotting fruit, honey, sugar or soda. Now turn the top of the bottle upside down and place the spout into the bottom, forming a funnel. Flies (and fruit flies) will come in to feed and won’t be able to find the entrance again.

 Fly Repellent

This natural fly spray works on both fruit flies and house flies.  Mix 20 drop of lemongrass essential oil with 1/2 cup water in a spray bottle. spray on surfaces to repel flies and give your home a lovely fresh fragrance.

Another way to repel flies is with eucalyptus fly strips. Cut a ribbon into strips. Drop 5 drops of eucalyptus oil onto each ribbon and hang them above doors and windows to prevent flies from coming in.

*May also bring all the girls to your yard.


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