10 Best Foods to Cook on the campfire

10 Best Foods to Cook on a Campfire

Whether you are having a backyard barbecue, or a backwoods cookout, these wonderfully simple recipes will create some very happy campers. The smokiness of a wood fire adds so much to the flavor of your food and all that fresh air will work up an appetite. The recipes can be adapted for long hikes so you can easily carry everything in your backpack.

Fish and Chips

Fresh-caught fish or store-bought will taste delicious with this easy recipe.

Campfire Pizza

Definitely a great way to make friends and influence people!


Cooked on a stick, fried as a dessert or made into a tasty bread, bannock is the versatile campfire recipe that everyone needs to know.

Bacon Breakfast roll

This will really level up your campfire cooking game. Perfect as a one-dish breakfast recipe or as a lunchtime treat.

Bacon-wrapped Onion Rings

This amazing, easy recipe for the win! Make friends around the campfire with this absolutely incredible side dish.

Fancy-ass French toast

Breakfast has never tasted or looked so good. Fuel your fun with this tasty breakfast campfire recipe.


Spring foraging will yield this nutritious bounty that tastes great too.

Campfire Bread

It’s so much easier than you think! Try this recipe for fresh bread no matter how long you’ve been on the trail.

Puffball Mushrooms

Finding one of these beauties will mean meals for days! Here’s how to forage for puffball mushrooms and cook them too.

Toad in the Hole

Simple breakfast dish that will help you to have a very happy day.

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