Protecting owls

10 Things You Can Do to Help Protect Owls

Owls can be found almost everywhere. They can be on prairies, forests, and even deserts and arctic tundra. However, there are some owls spotted in heavily populated areas such as cities. These owls are called urban owls as they have learned to co-exist with the population of humans.

If you live in locations where there are urban owls who thrive locally, it is best to do some things that can help them have a safe space and help them thrive in this new habitat. You can follow these tips to help protect local owls.

Put Away Nets

Some owls have been reported to get caught up in sports nets, and soccer nets are the culprit most of the time. If you have sports nets in your backyard, it is best to put them away when not in use.

Owls are nocturnal creatures that stay awake and active during sundown, so they are mostly caught on obstructions such as sports nets when they hunt for their food at night. Even though owls are known to have sharp vision in pitch-black surroundings, they are still in danger of getting caught in these nets.

Organize Communities

You can even create your own community to help the local government protect owls in your area. You can share your passion for wildlife conservations with your family and friends and even expand it towards other residents in your area.

You can even install a live Owl cam within your community to monitor the owl’s activities and conditions. There are live owl cams already installed in different locations worldwide. Researchers use this tool to observe and study the owl species to understand them even more and provide better protection.

Build Owl Boxes

You can try installing owl boxes on your property to provide owls with a safe nesting place where they can have and raise their young. Owl boxes do not only help owls but also humans by keeping rodents away.

An owl box should be water-tight and be placed in a high area. It should also be cosy so that owls can be comfortable and choose your DIY owl box to bear their young. Unlike the majority of other bird species, owls do not make their own nest. They will look for an abandoned nest or assume their parent’s nest. This is why it would be a huge help for the owls if you create an owl box in your backyard. Get a tutorial here.

Volunteer in Building Owl Boxes

You can imagine how big of a help for the owls if every single home within your community has at least one owl box installed in their properties. You can help your neighbours build their own owl boxes and educate them on how owls are important in our ecosystem.

You can even contact existing organizations catering for the same cause and provide help in creating these nesting boxes for the owl. If you happen to know someone who has a woodshop, you can also ask them to participate in this cause.

Make Sure Your Cats Stays Indoors

If you have cats, it is best to keep them indoors to avoid harm to the owl taking shelter within your property. If you wanted to genuinely help protect owls, it is best not to let your cats stay outside your home.

You can also report stray cats roaming within your area to the local pet shelters so that they can take in these stray cats to protect them as well as the local owls in your area. Around 10% of owls taken to WildCare hospitals were injured due to cat attacks.

Install Window Insect Screens

Birds, including owls, usually fly into windows and end up hurting themselves. This is considered one of the biggest dangers to owls. However, you can help prevent this issue by installing insect nets outside your windows.

You can also apply adhesive strips on the outside part of your windows to reduce the risk of bird strikes. The stripes should be placed vertically and spaced closely together. If adhesive strips are a bit pricey for you, you can also opt to paint your windows using a window marker.

Donate to Organizations Who Are Protecting the Owls

There are so many communities and organizations that are created to protect the owls. If you can not establish your own or volunteer, donating to these groups can truly help them with their mission. There is no specified amount of donation as long as it is done wholeheartedly.

Donations are also not only limited to cash. Donating whatever you think can help these groups in fulfilling their mission would be highly appreciated. You can search for communities and organizations like these locally.

Spread the Word

Another simple and effective way to protect the owls is to spread the word within your local community and worldwide. You can use social media to raise awareness about the benefits of owls to our ecosystem.

You should also teach the public how they can be helpful with their own simple ways. You can focus on something simple yet effective ways to protect and conserve the owl species. Small deeds go a long way, and this small deed can start from you.

The Benefits of Owls to Our Ecosystem

Aside from knowing how to protect the owls, it is also best that you will know how important owls are to have a balanced ecosystem. Here are the things that owls do for our environment that people are benefiting from.

  • Owls keep pests away, so they are considered natural and effective pest control for the surroundings. These bird species eat rodents and vermin that are the most pests that cause problems to the communities.
  • With a high presence of owls within or near your community, you can enjoy a pest-free living. Owls are a safer way to neutralize pests instead of poisons, which is very dangerous to humans and other animals.
  • When the time comes that owls go extinct, you should expect an increased infestation of rodents and vermin in your area. If you haven’t experienced this yet, this means that owls are still present in your area.
  • It is best to take care of and protect the owls and help them multiply to avoid them from becoming extinct. It is not too late to help, but you should start now if you want to take part in this mission.


You alone can already be a huge help to protect the owls, but if you let your local community join you in this cause, it can make a huge difference, and more owls can be saved. You can also cooperate with your local wildlife conservation and management and offer your assistance with this cause.

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Donald is a financial advisor who was getting burnt out working long hours often 6 or 7 days a week. One morning, while grabbing his cup of coffee before rushing out the door, he was transfixed by the birds eating from the new feeder his wife had installed outside the kitchen window. He realized he had spent ten minutes staring at the birds, and during that time, all his stress and pressure had melted away. So began his fascination with birds and his love of bird watching.



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