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4 Animals on the Brink of Extinction and How You Can Save Them

We are currently embroiled in a mass-extinction event and, by 2025, up to a fifth of our known wildlife species will be lost. Don’t worry, this post isn’t like the last ten minutes of a wildlife documentary where they tell you that all the lovely animals that you have been enjoying are about to die, and it’s your fault. Instead of feeling depressed about the future of these animals, let’s work together to save them.

By adopting a greener lifestyle, you can reduce your carbon footprint and your impact on the environments that support these animals. You can spread awareness, volunteer, elect officials who make the environment a priority and donate to wildlife foundations. Through awareness, we are able to prevent extinctions by managing habitats and protecting vulnerable populations. Here are some of the most vulnerable species of animals and what you can do to help keep them from extinction.

elephant extinction


Rampant poaching for the ivory trade has halved the population of elephants in Africa and, together with habitat loss and conflict with human populations, has driven these denizens of the savanna to the brink of extinction.

You can help save the elephants by supporting one of the following foundations:

Adopt an elephant through one of these programs:

Apply for an internship to save the elephants in Kenya.

polar bear extinction

Polar Bears

Canada is home to two thirds of the world’s polar bear population. Hunting, industry and habitat loss are responsible for dwindling polar bear numbers. There is much you can do to help bolster their numbers:

orangutan extinction


As Asia’s only great ape, these lovable primates could be extinct in ten years if we don’t take action to save them. Here’s how you can help support their Malaysian and Indonesian habitats:

barn owl extinction

Barn Owls

Barn owls can be found in Southern Ontario and in British Columbia. Barn owls are threatened by a lack of habitat and by the use of pesticides. They are endangered and there is much that you can do to help save them from extinction.

Become a citizen activist for wildlife by affecting real change. Get the full handbook for free here.

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