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5 Organic Natural Perfumes that are the Bees Knees

Have you ever walked past someone wearing a perfume that reminded you of your first love? Or smelt those tiny droplets of spring rain sprinkled on your dusty windows which reminded you of your childhood? What makes this sense of smell so special is that it is closely related to our memories.

This is the reason that we strongly relate to fragrances. The fragrances that you buy become a part of your personality. And why not? But most of these fragrances come with harmful ingredients. It might not seem harmful since these chemicals are just being inhaled and ingested. But synthetic fragrances do much more harm and might not be as good as they smell.

Here is a list of the top organic and natural perfumes containing natural ingredients:

Loccitane : L’Occitane uses natural and ingredients that can be traced to their source. The products contain over 200 botanical ingredients and almost a quarter of these ingredients are certified organic. For a fresh and uplifting experience,  try Fleur Cherie. The delicate and lasting aroma smells of orange blossom and the base is comprised of orange blossom absolute, orange blossom water and jasmine sambac giving it lighter woody notes.

Abel organics vintage: This is the world’s first 100%, fully organic perfume. It’s a mesmerizing earthy and peppery scent with ginger and vanilla as its middle notes. Clove, bergamot and black pepper form its top notes and this makes it wearable for men too. Created by Frances Shoemack, this perfume comes in a recycled wood box and is true to its reputation of being natural and eco-friendly.

Acorelle: Acorelle’s certified organic perfumes are quite similar to the mainstream brands and if you find it difficult to switch to organic, this one’s for you. The Acorelle range from Laboratoire Odysud  is sensual and calming, so whether you choose a summery scent or something that gives you a  burst of energy, the range is worth a try. What I love about this brand is that it is available in roll-on bottles, something which makes it easier for me to carry in my purse. The Acorelle range is subtle and relatable.

Moon bloom: Moon Bloom by Hiram Green is an amazing combination of tuberose absolute, jasmine absolute and ylang ylang. To make the combination even more blissful and appealing, there are hints of other natural ingredients such as coconut, leafy greens and tropical spices. These pure oils blended perfectly make it an intoxicating feminine scent.

Honoré des Prés: The creator of this coveted collection, Olivia Giacobetti has some popular houses to his name such as Diptyque, Guerlain and Hermes. This French organic collection comes with some complex yet subtle blends that can uplift your olfactory senses. Wear the Nu Green Verrine which owes its fresh scent to the blend of mint leaves, dewy grass, Indian botanical musk, tarragon and cedar wood.

Many of these perfumes are more expensive, but with Beautyspin vouchers, you can enjoy discounts up to 77% on most of these fragrances. Moreover, if there are other organic and natural brands which you would like to explore then you wouldn’t be disappointed with Beautyspin.



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