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7 Amazing Benefits of Using Solar Power in an RV

If you were considering buying solar panels for your RV, you’ve probably heard the most common sales pitches like becoming eco-friendly or being able to live off the grid. Here are seven benefits of using solar energy in an RV.

You’ll Get Closer to the Wildlife

Animals are naturally scared of loud noises. If you rely on an rv solar panel instead of a generator, you won’t scare away the wildlife.

You could wake up to birds, deer and other animals grazing around your RV that stay away from all the other campsites. And because you don’t have to be hooked up to the gird to keep the generator silent, you can be parked at the edge of the campground where the animals are located.

You Can Camp Anywhere

If you use solar panels, you gain the ability to camp anywhere you can safely park your RV. You can park on someone’s undeveloped land as long as you have permission. You could stop for the night in a big box store parking lot or the stadium parking lot before the game.

Because there is no generator noise, you’re less likely to be asked to move if you’ve parked the RV on the side of the street.

You Could Earn Extra Money

There is a joke that the best convenience store after a natural disaster is one that sells gas, ice, chainsaws and generators. It is interesting that no one includes solar panels in this list.

When the power is out, you could end up turning your stored energy or that streaming off the solar panels into extra money, just as you could rent out your generator.

Earn a few dollars as other people recharge cell phones or run their laptop computers for a few minutes.

You Can Save Money

RV solar panels could save you money by allowing you to periodically park in cheaper dry camping spots.

Another is allowing you to charge devices while saving your fuel for essentials like air conditioning on a hot summer day. If you are at home, you could connect the solar panels to the house or feed power back into the grid.

This probably won’t result in the utility sending you money the way they would if your house was covered in solar panels, but it could lower your overall energy bill due to the offset.

You Are Safer

When you don’t need a generator to power your off-grid life, you gain an additional measure of security. People may come steal your generator, but most won’t bother to try to steal solar panels.

You Have an Extra Layer of Security

Suppose you prefer to park at campsites with shore power as much as possible. If you arrive at a campground that lacks this, you don’t have to go driving around looking a spot.

Just stay in a dry camping spot in the RV park or campground you already selected. You won’t end up in an unfamiliar and possibly unsafe site.

You’ll also have the ability to charge cell phones and laptops when the grid is down. Then you can call for help even when everyone else’s devices are dying.

You’ll Enjoy Better Health

There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning when you rely on solar power. If a family member has asthma, being able to rely on solar means you won’t generate particulates that can aggravate their condition.

We often overlook the importance of a good night’s sleep to maintaining our health. A loud generator isn’t conducive to good sleep.

Higher quality sleep will reduce your stress levels, your blood pressure and need for caffeine in the morning.

Solar panels should be on every RV owner’s shopping list, whether you’ll rely on them entirely or use them to supplement any generators you keep in storage.

You can’t beat the benefits of owning them, and these benefits go far beyond the classic answers of reducing your ecological footprint and allowing you to live off the grid.


Nikki is an author and writer specializing in green living ideas and tips, adventure travel, upcycling, and all things eco-friendly. She's traveled the globe, swum with sharks and been bitten by a lion (fact). She lives in a tiny town with a fat cat and a very bad dog.

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