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8 Plants That Make for a Clean and Happy Office

This sponsored post was written by Amanda Stockhill from Ecocleen (whose desk is full of plants!)

Adding a bit of green to your office can make a world of difference. Not only do some plants help to purify the air within the office, but they can also improve employees’ mood and productivity. Plants can also act as sound barriers – so you may wish to surround your noisiest colleague’s desk with them!

Ecocleen offer a whole range of office plants to both buy and rent (here), which honestly are one of the most important additions to your desk (apart from your computer). Of course not all of us have green fingers, so here are 7 office plants that look great and are easy to look after:

Peace Lily Plant

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Peace lilies are hugely popular both at home and in the office. Not only do they look stunning with their distinct white blooms, but they are also renowned for their ability to clean and purify the air around them. Some peace lilies can grow quite tall, but these would work brilliantly as a decorative piece or for more natural-looking screening between desks.

Rubber Plant

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With their broad and shiny leaves, rubber plants look rather tropical in their appearance – so they are certainly a very aesthetically pleasing plant for the office. In addition to their good looks, rubber plants are also very effective when it comes to reducing indoor pollutants in the air.

Lemon Balm Plant

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The lemon balm plant is another excellent addition to an office environment as it can tolerate both sunlight and shade. They may not look as pretty as some of the other plants in this list, but their beautiful fragrance will definitely help to improve the moods of the employees in the office! They’re relatively easy to look after, but do require frequent watering to ensure they stay moist.

English Ivy Plant

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English ivy plants can flourish in almost any lighting condition, which makes them an ideal plant for the office. They absorb any pollutants in the air, such as emissions from your computers, and can help to reduce any mould.

Peppermint Plant

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Peppermint plants require direct sunlight, but other than that they are incredibly easy to look after. They smell fantastic, and the minty scent has actually been proven to stimulate peoples’ brains and increase their attentiveness!


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If the rubber plant isn’t tropical enough for you, why not try a cactus? Small cactus plants are perfect for a desk. They do not require much watering, but do need relatively good light for approximately eight hours a day. Furthermore, if you’re a believer of feng shui, cactus plants are said to capture any negative energy that comes from your computer screens.

Gardenia Plant

Gardenia office plant

The gardenia is the perfect plant for a particularly stressful office, as their distinct smell and pretty white flowers make it almost impossible not to feel happy inside! They are a great plant to keep indoors, but do require quite a well-ventilated area.

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