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8 Tips For A Great Family Vacation In Pigeon Forge

Are you planning to head out on a family vacation any time soon? Statistics indicate that 44% of Americans wanted to go on a family vacation in 2020, but couldn’t because of the coronavirus pandemic. These numbers have now doubled, and 90% of parents in the United States are considering a vacation in 2023.

One of the most welcoming destinations for family-friendly adventure-loving vacationers lies in the heartland of Tennessee. With the Great Smokies in the backdrop, the small town of Pigeon Forge is an incredible vacation spot for a family getaway. Here are some tips to help you arrange a trip to Pigeon Forge:

  1. Choose your vacation time wisely

They call Pigeon Forge an evergreen destination because you can have a family vacation in this town any time of the year. However, some months are busier, so if you don’t like sharing your trip with a large crowd, consider choosing the off-season to plan your family getaway. Fortunately, Pigeon Forge has a temperate climate, so you’ll enjoy all of these seasons here.

  • Book a safe hotel online

You can book a safe and comfy place to stay online before embarking on your journey. Ensure the rental property offers all the amenities your family has requested during its stay. A popular place to stay among families is The Inn On The River. Apart from the property’s convenient location to major attractions in Pigeon Forge webcam live-streaming also provides exceptional footage of the Pigeon River. So do your research, read online reviews, and book your accommodation early.

  • Drive early in the morning

You can avoid traffic on the highway to Pigeon Forge by driving early in the morning. The roads to Pigeon Forge can get crowded between 10 in the morning and 7 in the evening. Similarly, avoid any holidays or weekends when traveling to avoid major traffic. A simple trick is to use Google Maps to spot all jam-packed routes and avoid them when driving.

  • Attend a spectacular dinner show

Both Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge have multiple dinner attractions where a series of comedic performances entertain guests. These shows include everything from comedy, stunts, and music and are sure to make your belly hurt with all the laughter. Look up show timings and ticket deals to book your seats in advance since these shows are popular attractions among families visiting town, and the seats tend to fill up fast.

  • Try some pancakes

Pigeon Forge’s known for its southern delicacies, mouth-watering sweets, and moonshine, among other fascinating edibles. But a pancake breakfast seems like a fitting start to a family-friendly morning in Pigeon Forge since the town is known for this all-time American favorite meal. It’s no surprise Pigeon Forge is also known as America’s pancake capital. Head straight to the Parkway, where delicious flapjacks give off the whiff of southern hospitality to tourists.

  • Pay homage to its landmarks

Besides Dollywood, there are many other attractions for families to enjoy in Pigeon Forge. From upside-down buildings and medieval castle replicas to a museum dedicated to crime investigation (Alcatraz) and another one to Hollywood celebrities – you’ll have to stay longer just to see and experience it all. So, search online to make a comprehensive list of all the Pigeon Forge attractions you want to visit. Let everyone choose their favorite activities. You can spend a day exploring the Old Mill and head to The Island on another.

  • Don’t forget to visit Dollywood

Dollywood alone attracts 3 million tourists to Pigeon Forge each year and is easily considered Tennessee’s most prominent attraction. It’s almost ritualistic for visitors to pay homage to this amusement park; your family can’t return from Pigeon Forge without saying hello to Dolly! If you can be there by April 21, you’ll be just in time for the Flower & Food Festival. If you try reaching Pigeon Forge in a few days, Dolly Parton’s celebrating the 50th anniversary of her hit song, “I Will Always Long You.”

Other than that, Dollywood offers kids’ rides, variety shows, and country music performances.

  • Stop by the Titanic Museum

One of the most awesome attractions in Pigeon Forge is a museum shaped like its namesake cruiser, The Titanic. DiCaprio and Kate Winslet fans can experience what it was like as a passenger on the ship. The museum contains the names of 2,220+ people who were onboard and dozens of artifacts recovered from the RMS Titanic. Thus, it’s a remarkable experience for anyone interested in that famous liner.

The small town of Pigeon Forge comprises a few thousand residents, but over 10 million tourists stop by it annually. Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are some of the most famous towns in the country because of their amazing attractions, scenic beauty, and tourist-friendly experience. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a much-deserved vacation with your family and friends. If you want to plan the perfect trip, start early and use the tips mentioned above to book a comfortable place to stay and make a list of things to do. Being prepared will ensure you’re able to enjoy your vacation and come back with great stories to tell others.


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