All Hands on Pet! Book Review

All Hands on Pet! is a wonderful and practical book that helps pet owners to access the healing properties of physiotherapy for their furry friends. If you’ve ever had an injury, you no doubt know the healing abilities that physiotherapy offers. But physiotherapy isn’t just for humans—it can be very camping with dogseffective in treating animals too.

If you own a pet, this book can help you to use tried and tested techniques to ease their pain and improve mobility. This handy ‘how to’ guide outlines safe and effective therapy that you as a pet owner can use to help your pets live healthier and happier lives. The book covers a variety of species including dogs, cats, birds, exotic and farm animals.

Susan Davis has many years of experience which she shares here with practical examples from her own patients. She is a New Jersey Licensed Physical Therapist with over 40 years’ clinical experience, who transitioned from human practice to working with animals.

The thing I liked about the book, as a dog owner, was that it provided information on dogs from puppies to adulthood. My dog is middle aged, but he is already struggling with arthritis in his back legs. The book offers practical exercises for us to do after walks to help alleviate his symptoms. He seems happier and has more mobility than he did before. He sleeps better and has less trouble going up and down the stairs.

He especially enjoys the massage techniques and, if he could offer his own review, I’m sure he would give it five stars!

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