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Amazing Christmas Gifts for the Environmentally Friendly

Do you have some treehugger friends that need a little Christmas loving? Do something really special for them this Christmas and give them one of these amazing green gifts. Its sure to get you a few of those tree hugs for your own fine self.

Elephant poo paper
Just what every girl needs, paper made from eli poo. Actually, since elephants are vegetarians, their ‘leavings’ are mostly made up of plant matter and make the pulping process so much easier. Don’t worry, these stationary gifts are quite elegant and smell great too!

Give-a-Tree Card
Ever worry about how your Christmas cards are razing the forests? Well, you can change that by sending cards form the Arbor Foundation. For every card you buy, a tree is planted in honor of the recipient. You can be responsible for gifting entire forests over the course of your life! If you want to give a friend or family member en entire forest, try green gifts!


Green living

Green Gifts: Motz Handmade Speakers

Motz Little Green Speakers
This adorable little wooden acorn has a built-in FM Radio and is a great speaker for iPods and MP3 Players. It has surprisingly excellent sounds for such a tiny

Green Living

Green Gifts: WeWood Watches

little thing and it’s made entirely of wood. These little speakers are 100% handcrafted.

WeWood Wooden Watch Limited Edition
WeWood plants one tree for every watch purchased. WeWood craft a unique collection of wooden watches for both men and women. They are crafted from 100% real wood and are free of toxic chemicals or other harmful additives. WeWood watches are the perfect gift for tree lovers and naturalists.

Environmentally-Friendly Kicks

From the ubiquitous flip-flop washed up on a distant shore to the running shoe that never biodegrades, shoes pose a unique environmental challenge. Even leather shoes take decades to decompose thanks to the chemical treatments they undergo. Now your kicks can be eco-friendly too!



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