Amazing Things to Do When Camping in Cambodia

With nearly 2 million visitors every year, Cambodia provides endless opportunities to experience newCambodia hiking and backpacking adventures. As one of the top adventure destinations in South-East Asia, Cambodia is home to stunning forests and mountain views, and verdant jungles.

The cities provide  a fun-filled introduction to Cambodian culture, or find your zen in the ancient temples and shrines. Since the weather is always good, there is never a bad time to visit. The dry season runs from November well into May when temperatures are coolest. Check out these amazing things to do when camping in Cambodia:

Explore Ancient Temples

As the largest religious structure ever built and one of the Wonders of the World, Angkor Wat was backpacking Cambodiabuilt for the Hindu god Vishnu during 1113-50. With breathtaking views, it is certainly the most iconic temple. Explore the impressive ruins that are carved and constructed from the very mountains themselves. Sunrise in Anchor Wat is breathtaking and you’ll be surprised how many people show up at 5.30 am. To get a good, unobstructed view, get off the main walkway and sit on the steps of the outpost buildings. Note: beware of the monkeys as they are very aggressive and will snatch things from your hands. 

At the heart of Angkor Thom is Bayon. Built in the 12th centuary, the spellbinding state temple of Jayavarman VII, has 54 Gothic towers are decorated with 216 massive smiling faces of Avalokiteshvara atop 1.2km of extraordinary bas-reliefs that boast more than 11,000 figures.

Because the temple faces east, most campers visit in the morning, but (travel tip) Bayon looks equally beautiful around late afternoon.


Trek in Virachey National Park

Are you ready to grab a pair of trekking poles for your hike up Virachey National Park? As one of theTravel cambodia tips largest protected areas in Cambodia stretches over approximately 3325 sq. km. The Virachey National Park is yet to be fully explored. This ASEAN Heritage Park offers a variety of wildlife that includes tigers, clouded leopards, elephants, and sun bears.

Visit the Cardamom Mountain

The Cardamom Mountain consists of the Mount Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary, Aural Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Central Cardamoms Protected Forest. Combined, this is the largest protected area in Cambodia, along with the most threatened ecosystems. Trek through the jungle or boat down narrow jungle streams to take in the views, experience the wildlife and be mesmerized by the beauty of this incredible part of the world. 

Before you decide to visit Cambodia, be sure to keep your body healthy with regular physical exercise. When you do hiking, your body will undergo long walks, climbs, and carry heavy bags for your personal items. Remember to think like the army and know where you need to go,  what you need to bring, and how long you will stay and enjoy this epic adventure.  

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