Baby’s Green Storybook Review

I love giving books as gifts to kids. They often have so many toys that they don’t notice another one, but a book is the promise of a memory in the making. Story time with mom or dad is a gift that keeps on giving. Books impart knowledge and provide hours of entertainment. Here are some of my new favorites for babies.

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Meiya and Alvin Collection

These adorable books come with companion dolls. I picked the Meiya the Mouse gift set which had a delightful book with a sweet little doll. There are tons of reasons to love this set; Meiya’s body is made form natural cotton fibers. The rubber head is perfect for teething and is made from a natural rubber sustainably harvested from the Hevea tree. That means it’s BPA free, phthalate-free, PVC-free.

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Printed on recycled paper, Air is a wonderful way to introduce your children to a fairly abstract concept. Air is such an important part of a healthy life and we must all work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so it’s an excellent way to introduce them to the concept of air.

Beautiful illustrations by Nathalie Trovato help kids to think about the air around them and their breath. A wonderful introduction to conservation for toddlers!

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