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BEEcosystems Let’s You See the Bees at Work

photos courtesy of BEEcosystems

These incredible modular bee hives come already equipped with an established hive. Of course, you want to do your bit to help preserve our pollinators, it’s just never been this easy or this beautiful. These observation hives allow you to enjoy your bee colonies from inside your home or out.

If you choose to place your hive inside, a handy tube provides egress for the bees to move into the hive from outside.

“The BEEcosystem has become our benchmark showcase for our company. Although our property is outfitted with countless unique features, nothing compares to the active BEEcosystem; boasting thousands of active bees, improving our local environment, producing honey, and educating curious guests young and old alike. The flexible and sexy design allows us to add additional BEEcosystems or relocate the system if needed, as the aesthetic is modern and adaptable!” A. Christian Baum, happy customer.

You can expand the hive as it grows with additional units. You can pre-order your hive systems for the spring by following the link here.


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