Beginner’s Guide to Using a Rosin Press in Canada

Rosin is the new thing in the world of cannabis, and this concentrated cannabis product is here to stay. Part of the popularity surrounding rosin has to do with the growing demand for magic mushrooms (which can be ordered at and people buying marijuana in Canada where recreational cannabis use is now 100% legal. Online shops like ccd sell a huge variety of cannabis products, showing just how much the Canadian cannabis market has grown. But there’s more to it than that.

If you’re unfamiliar with rosin or you’re just interested in learning more, this beginner’s guide offers everything there is to know – what it is, why it’s so popular, and even how to press your own rosin from home.

What Is Rosin?

There are many different forms of concentrated cannabis right now, and rosin is just one of them. This concentrate comes in the form of a gooey golden sap-like substance that is potent and packed with terpenes and cannabinoids, such as THC.

Rosin is created by pressing cannabis flowers with a combination of heat and pressure. With enough heat, pressure, and time, using a quality juice box rosin press, a sticky resinous substance (AKA rosin) is extracted from the flowers. 

Why Is It Becoming So Popular in Canada?

A huge reason behind the ever-growing popularity behind rosin is the fact that it’s highly concentrated, and many cannabis lovers are merely looking for a cannabis product that’s potent. Well, rosin is definitely potent, especially when it’s pressed the right way.

It’s especially popular among medical patients who are looking for a product that retains all the terpenes that help with pain treatment, anxiety relief, and other common medical conditions that cannabis has been proven to help treat. But this isn’t the main reason for rosin’s popularity.

Rosin Is 100% Pure

The real reason is that it’s considered a “healthier” form of concentrated cannabis. It’s completely solventless, which means that creating rosin requires no foreign substances or chemicals. Other processes for creating cannabis concentrates add in substances like butane and propane, but this isn’t necessary with pressing rosin.

The simple heat + pressure process is 100% clean and pure, and this is the main reason that Canadians – and the rest of the world, for that matter – are choosing rosin over any other concentrated product.

Rosin Is Easy to Make

Another reason for all the rosin love is that it’s fairly easy to make. Pretty much anyone can do it from home, it’s even possible to make rosin with a hair straightener. As long as you have the proper tools to combine heat with pressure and quality bud, you’re pretty much guaranteed a high-THC and high-terpene yield.

What Is a Rosin Press and How Does It Work?

Now that you have a general understanding of rosin, it’s time to talk about the process of making it. Creating rosin is done with a rosin press, which is essentially any contraption that combines heat and pressure (like a hair straightener).

Every rosin press, even simple DIY ones, is made with two heated plates that are pressed together in order to extract the resinous substance from cannabis flowers. The cannabis is wrapped in parchment paper and placed between the two plates. This method is also used for other products such as CBD shatter. This being said, for the inexperienced this can be tricky so for now it would be advised to buy shatter Canada (or in your location) online.

The heat and pressure from the plates work together to loosen the glands of the plant, also known as trichomes. As these trichomes loosen, the rosin is extracted through the parchment paper. Making rosin is as simple as that.

How to Press Rosin at Home

There are several types of rosin presses to choose from, and although the most successful pressing happens from commercial machines, there’s no need for a commercial press if you’re just making rosin for personal use. 

Out of all the ways of making an at-home rosin press, the easiest way is to buy one that’s premade and ready to use out of the box. It’s possible to build a press from scratch and purchase the components piece by piece, but it’s worth it to pay a bit extra for a high-quality press that will leave you with high-quality rosin. 

The most important thing to know about pressing your own rosin is that finding the perfect balance of heat, temperature, and time is the key to success. If you’re using a DIY press and starting from flowers, try to aim for 190-220°F while you press for 15 to 60 seconds.

You can find a great list here of the best rosin-pressing machines available in Canada. Keep in mind that the way your press works depends entirely on the type you’ve chosen – a pneumatic press works differently from one that utilizes hydraulics. For this reason, it’s essential to read the instruction/user manual carefully before getting started.


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