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DIY Natural Shimmer Eye Shadow

Add a little va-va-voom to your daily routine with mica powder. Mica is a naturally-occurring mineral that comes in a range of dazzling colors from gold to charcoal. It’s nature’s glitter! But be careful of inhaling it and test a little on your skin before you use it to ensure it doesn’t cause irritation. Add it to the following for a little shimmer in your eyeshadow or use on its own.


  • arrowroot
  • spirulina for green
  • activated charcoal for black/gray
  • cocoa powder for brown
  • beet powder for pink
  • nutmeg for golden brown


Start with ½ tsp. of arrowroot powder and slowly mix in as much of the color as you like. You can add more arrowroot if it gets to be too dark.


If you want more of a creamy eye shadow, mix 1/8 tsp. shea butter in to your powder. This also helps to prevent the eye shadow from rubbing off.

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