Kimball Musk Tesla Model 3

Do you Want to Win a Tesla Model 3 made for Elon Musk’s Brother?

Elon Musk’s brother, Kimbal, is giving away his personal Tesla model 3, only the sixth one to roll off the production line. Kimbal is running the contest to raise funds for his non-profit, Big Green, which creates learning gardens for low-income schools. For just $50, a school can get all the seeds, supplies and plants they need to help teach kids about nutrition.

According to Omaze, the Tesla is (naturally) fully loaded: “We’re talking everything from voice-activated controls and Wi-Fi/LTE connectivity to a premium audio system and LED fog lamps. Plus, the Long Range battery, which will keep you going for over 300 miles. This Tesla hasn’t been to space, but it’s still out of this world.”

Make a donation to Omaze to be eligible to win this amazing Tesla Model 3–they will even pay the taxes! A $10 donation gets you 100 entries while higher amounts get you an even greater chance to win. The contest runs until April 24th with winners announced on May 8th.

Kimbal posted this picture of himself with his Tesla Model 3 on his Instagram @kimbalmusk

kimbal musk on instagram

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