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Easy-to-Grow Edible Flowers

It’s time to start planning your summer garden and one way to combine food production with aesthetic appeal is to grow edible flowers. You can add flowers to your salads and teas or use them as pretty garnishes for all your favorite dishes.

With just a little patch of dirt, compost and a good hose, you can create a beautiful garden that’s a source of food too!

Stick to flowers you have grown yourself so that you aren’t ingesting any pesticides and pick out the stamens and pistils before you much on your bouquets. If you have allergies, take it easy on the blooms until you are sure you won’t have a bad reaction.

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These dainty flowers range from rose to lavender and have a faint licorice flavor.

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Chrysanthemum (mums)

You can eat the petals of these bouquet staples to add a little peppery spice to your food.

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Bachelor’s Button

Only eat the petals of these pretty posies as other parts can be bitter.

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These always remind me of little ballerinas. Delicious little ballerinas!

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This easy-to-grow herb has many uses; brew the furry leaves in a tea to knit broken bones or add the flowers to your food – they taste like cucumber!

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These are pretty bland, but so pretty you won’t mind a bit. Use only the petals.

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Pick off the petals, which have a delicate flavor, and add them to your salads for a little color.

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These can be used in a tea or the petals can be added to salads. They are pretty tart and taste like cranberries so don’t add too many!

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Dry these little daisy-like flowers to brew a tea or pick the petals to eat.

edible flowers


The petals don’t have much flavor, but they sure are pretty.

edible flowers


Use as a tea or in dishes as a fragrant garnish.

edible flowers


These are one of the most popular edible flowers and it’s understandable as their peppery flavor is a great addition to salads. You can use the flowers as a garnish too or add the leaves into your greens.

edible plants


These come in a wide variety of colors and you can eat the whole flower.

edible plants


Use petals to lightly flavor drinks or salads.

edible flowers


You can eat the petals or buds from this lovely plant.

edible flowers


From light to dark, these gorgeous flowers are a popular choice for garnishes and desserts while a couple floating in your drink will make you think of summer days lazing on the lawn.

edible plant


Johnny Jump Up

I’ve saved the best for last! These are beautiful and come in a variety of colors from deep purple to yellow. They have a minty flavor and can be added to salads and drinks or used as a garnish.

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