Edible Packaging: Would you like a Wrap with that Burger?

Green living: Reducing waste has never been this delicious!

Every time I order in or take out, I’m horrified by the amount of garbage a fast food meal produces. If you’re concerned with green living, you know all-to-well the battle to reduce the amount of garbage your family produces. While recycling is an option, its still not as efficient as this next solution; edible packaging.

Its possible to make very effective packaging from natural substances like corn. This packing can be edible, water soluble or biodegradable. Researchers the world over are working to find edible packaging that’s viable for large fast food chains.

Bob’s Burgers in Brazil has recently made headlines with a burger wrapped in edible  packaging (pictured) which you can simply eat – no need to unwrap your burger or create waste.

While it sounds like a good idea, initial forays into eco-friendly packaging have not met with success. When Frito-Lays’s Sun Chips switched to biodegradable packaging in April 2009, consumers complained so much about the crackling noise the bags made, that they decided to switch back to the original packaging.

Creating biodegradable or edible packaging is certainly a better solution to keeping waste from landfills (and oceans and beaches and forests and rivers and…).

Bob’s Burgers, we salute your green living initiatives. Write to your favorite fast food chain today and encourage them to consider edible packaging. Not only will it save them money in waste management; it will save the environment too.

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