FishAngler: The App for Smart Anglers

Love fishing? There’s an app for that. From finding the best bait and equipment for the fish on your catch list to connecting with other local anglers and sharing favorite spots, the apps available today are packed with innovative tech that’s helping everyone from amateur anglers to pro anglers up their game. 

Two apps dominate the fishing community: Fishbrain and FishAngler. While Fishbrain’s popularity will capture the eye of beginners, more dedicated and experienced fishermen are busy enjoying the best of Fishbrain and more—without the paywall—on FishAngler. 

Real anglers know FishAngler is the best fishing app. Here’s why.

Find the Best Fishing Spots—For Free

This may seem like a fundamental, is-it-even-a-fishing-app-if-it-doesn’t-have-this kind of feature, but FishAngler’s paid-for counterpart doesn’t allow users to see where other local anglers are getting their best bites. FishAngler allows all users to share and discover the best local spots. (But don’t worry, your favorite spot can be your secret, just opt to share only the general location when you post the trophies you snag from that location.)

Users Love the Data-Packed Features 

Looking for fish-finding maps, weather forecasts, or peak fishing times at the lakes and rivers you follow? If you’re a Fishbrain user, you’ll be out of luck until you subscribe to the paid version. The FishAngler app offers the most crucial data (and the fun extras) for your fishing expedition with a free membership. 

Anglers Can Target Location and Species—Without Constant Requests to Upgrade

Whether you prefer to learn by trial and error or by observing the pros and stealing their tips and tricks, FishAngler compiles aggregate data and shows you not only who’s catching what, but also where, how, and with what. You can look at your personal fishing reports based on all the catches you’ve logged on the app to discover seasonal, species, and tactic trends, or you can join groups of local or global anglers to see how they’re faring. You might learn a thing or two.

Newcomers and Pros Alike Build Communities on FishAngler

The community aspect of FishAngler is one of its strong points. But unlike Fishbrain, it doesn’t cost you anything to join it. Between free access to the best fishing forecasts and an open-arms community of anglers you can connect with in the form of comments, advice sharing, and even private groups, FishAngler is clearly made for fishermen, by fishermen, with the love of the sport as the foundation for everything it does.

A few more of their favorite features:

  • Keep and share your personal record of best catches by logging your catches with pictures, the weather and water conditions at the time of the catch, your GPS location, and the bait you used.
  • Get the most out of your fishing trips by planning your trip with the forecasting feature that lets you see the peak times of day for fishing in your favorite body of water.

Final Say: FishAngler Vs. Fishbrain

Whether you’re new to the fishing world and just learning the basics or you’ve been at the game for a while, if you’re looking to join the community of real anglers in your area (without spending money you could be using to, you know, actually catch fish), FishAngler is the hands-down winner. The app outperforms its competitors when it comes to actual usability—and it’s free. Like it should be. Because real anglers fish for the love of it, and the creators of FishAngler are real anglers. Just like you.

You can find the app on both iOS and Android


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