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Great Alternative Energy Gifts for Green Kids

Elenco Snap Circuits Green – Alternative Energy Kit
Green energy: Alternative energy kitThe Elenco Snap Circuits kits are amazing! Here kids can create their own toys and get a rudimentary (and safe!) introduction to electronics. This comprehensive kit comes with 47 different components which enable them to make 125 different green energy projects.
“The Green Alternative Energy Kit offers projects specifically designed to demonstrate how renewable energy is generated. Kids can experiment with solar power, windmills, hydroelectric power, rechargeable batteries, and liquid batteries to experience green energy generation firsthand. The kit comes with green energy components, like a solar cell, a hand crank, a fan, a water wheel, and a liquid holder with an electrode. An included green energy manual provides in-depth explanations of different energy sources.”
They can use the solar charger to power a small motor, use wind power to make the radio work or use stored water as a source of energy.

Solar Power Plus Kit

Green energy Christmas gift ideas: Solar Plus

This kit is phenomenal! You can make your own toys with the 22 different model options and 265 building pieces. Create a scooter, locomotive, forklift, road roller, cement mixer, solar-wind sail car, crane, amphibious boat, motorcycle, beach buggy, race car, side-car motorcycle, trailer, elevator, oil tanker, maintenance car, solar car with clutch, street sweeper, backhoe, helicopter, twin-prop airplane, and cable car.
All the toys are powered by three solar cells that generate up to 3.0 volts of electricity or by AA batteries which can be recharged with the solar cells.

OWI 6 In 1 Solar Kit
Green energy: Green Christmas Gift ideas

Kids can create and build their very own toys. There are six different working models including an airboat, windmill, puppy and two different planes. The models snap together, so there is no need for tools. Once the tools are constructed, the 75mA solar panel powers their moving parts.

Watch a video of the OWI here.


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