Winter solstice traditions

How to Celebrate the Winter Solstice

This year, on December 21, at 10:27 pm, the winter solstice will occur. While it is the longest night of the year, the solstice celebrates the return of the sun as the days begin to get longer. There are a number of ways to enjoy the Yuletide and celebrate the start of the journey to springtime.

Deck the Halls

Bring in a holiday tree or boughs from firs and other evergreens. This is done to protect and preserve the spirit of nature through the long winter days. Not only will it make your home smell great, but studies show greenery helps reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Light the Yule Candle

In order to celebrate the return to the light, it is traditional to light candles. These create a wonderful atmosphere and go really well with your winter solstice feast.

Solstice Feast

This is a time of preparing wonderful food to share with your favourite humans. Open your home to friends and family and prepare a feast.

Burn the Yule Log

This is a Scandinavian tradition-a log from an Ash was burned to honor Thor. Celtic tradition saw Oak Yule logs burned to keep evil spirits at bay. Now matter the wood, curling up in front of the fire is a wonderful way to celebrate the solstice.


The Yule log is traditionally blessed with strong drink to ensure the good health of the feast attendees. Guests at the Yule Feast are also presented with glasses of the wassail drink, and the host will wish them waes hael which is a blessing for good health through the coming year.

So this year, enjoy the longest night by eating, drinking and snuggling in front of the fire.


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