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How to Design an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Today’s focus is going to be on designing an eco-friendly bedroom that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or aesthetics, but should inspire you to think about making similar changes in all the other rooms. Green design should not be just limited to the bedroom, although that’s a great place to start.

Make a Choice to be Minimalistic for the Environment

As minimalist home décor enthusiasts know, adopting a minimalist style for your bedroom can be de-stressing, relaxing, and eco-friendly. Not only will you be getting rid of the clutter, but the less you have, the lower your home’s carbon footprint will be.

What you do choose to keep should be high quality, and made from eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed wood, bamboo, rattan, seagrass and wicker. Give the rest away to those who really need all that extra furniture, or if it’s old and environmentally harmful, get it recycled instead.

Choose an Eco-Friendly Mattress

While choosing a mattress, nothing else is more important than its quality and suitability. Thankfully, there are natural alternatives out there which are as good, if not better, than their chemical counterparts.

Plant-based memory foam is being used by the top mattress manufacturer Amerisleep and plenty of major mattress companies are following in their footsteps, supporting the green movement. Thanks to the best Labor Day mattress sales, which are held every year in the US, you could get a hefty discount on your next purchase! Just be sure to read a few reviews and check the materials list before buying.

Furniture of the Minimalist’s Bedroom

Once you manage to get rid of the stuffy furniture from your bedroom, stick to the minimalist theme and only opt for the cupboards, shelves, and racks that you really need.

As far as the materials are concerned, the following should provide enough choice for you:

Insulation Should be Top Notch

The better insulated a bedroom and the home is, the less your HVAC system will have to work to keep the indoor environment comfortable.

  • Seal gaps between the window frames and the wall with insulation tape
  • Install double-glazed windows
  • Close the bedroom door and use a door snake to temporarily seal gaps in insulation
  • Install curtains that are heavy and dark, but can be pushed completely away from the windows to let the sun in.


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