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How to Live off your Veggie Garden

If you have a garden, then you need to devise a plan on how to utilize it adequately. You can feed your entire family solely from vegetables you harvest from your garden while saving money. You do need to be savvy on how to grow effectively and there are some tricks to increase the yields without compromising the quality of the produce. It’s recommended that you practice organic farming, since it has been established that this method is the healthiest for your family. Find natural pest control methods that will ensure your crops without compromising your health.

Surviving the Hassles of Gardening

It’s necessary to appreciate that the success of gardening is largely dependent on your passion. While diversification is necessary, you should start by planting the vegetables that you love and let the passion for managing the garden grow gradually.

Here’s the trick: If you start the gardening process with what you don’t love, you’re likely to lose interest fast. Avoid this pitfall by starting with your favorite crops and things that are easy to grow.

How to Live Off Your Garden

One of the common mistakes that homeowners make is comparing themselves with others. If your neighbor successfully planted broccoli, it does not mean that you’ll also succeed.

If you’ve always wished to have an herb garden, you should go ahead and do it. This is what will work best for you.  As long as you start with your favorite crops, you’ll develop a passion.

If you want to feed your family solely from your garden, then you have to rely on bottling, pickling, drying and canning. For example, you can dry vegetables to increase their shelf-life to up to 6 months. This technique ensures that your family will have enough vegetables to take them through the winter season and beyond! Other preservation methods that you can use include freezing, boiling, and salting.

Have a plan: Before starting the planting process, you should have a target. For example, you can decide that you want to reduce the kitchen expenditure by half within three months and entirely eliminate vegetables from your shopping list within a year.

Be Flexible: Your ability to adapt to changes will determine how well you’ll thrive in managing your garden. You should be willing to use new techniques to enhance efficiency and boost production.

Subdivide your Farm: If you want to live off your garden, then you have to ensure that you plant different types of vegetables, fruits, and grains. To achieve this, you should divide your land into manageable sections which will make it fun. Each subdivision should hold only one plant to ease the process of management and boost production.

If you have climbing plants such as passion fruits and beans, you can always plant them next to your fence. This is a sure way of optimizing the farm by utilizing every available space.

Use Organic pesticides and herbicides: One of the challenges that you’ll experience when managing your garden is handling of pests and diseases. It’s necessary that you strike a balance between managing the challenges and guaranteeing healthy vegetables for your family. Here’s a guide to organic pesticides and herbicides.

If you’ve always desired to feed your family from your garden, then you need to follow this guide to the letter. You’ll realize that it’s easy to actualize your dream when you adequately plan.

However, you should strive to use organic methods which guarantees safety for your family. If you concentrate on the quantity as opposed to the quality, you will lose all the benefits of gardening and expose your family to health problems.


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