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How to Reduce Waste and Birthday Parties

Birthdays are special moments in our lives which we get to celebrate with loved ones and friends every year. Sadly, these celebrations can take their toll on Mother Nature. With disposable balloons, decorations, wrapping paper, greeting cards, plates, cutlery, cups and food waste, your happy day could be making Mother Nature sad.

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Shop Local

Buying decorations, gifts and other party necessities from small local vendors helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your party. Avoid imported food, drinks and decorations that have had to travel a very long way to get to your home. Supporting local also helps your local community and economy.

Make your Decorations

I have a string of bunting that I have had for ages. I made it out of old bed sheets with colorful floral designs and it serves as the decoration for all my birthday parties. It’s festive, eco-friendly and can be washed, so its always ready to party!

Avoid disposable decorations from dollar stores as they just end up in the landfill. You can make your own decorations out of paper so at least they are disposable. Avoid plastic decorations and balloons at all costs.

Say no to plastic crap

Instead of buying plastic cutlery, cups and table cloths that you will need to dispose of after the party, go for fabric table cloths and napkins which you can easily customize to suit your needs.

Serve food that you can eat with your fingers or use cutlery and crockery that you can just pop in the dishwasher afterwards.

We don’t have to tell you to say no to plastic straws right? Right? I mean, just go without or go with paper straws.

Say no thank you to birthday cards and wrapping paper

Reusable gift bags are a great idea, or wrap presents in fabric or fashionable scarves. Don’t go for birthday cards that get read once and then end up in the trash. Better still, ask for handmade gifts or donations to your favorite charity.


Set up an events page on social media so guests can carpool. That will help to reduce fuel consumption and more guests will be able to drink! Public transport also works to reduce carbon footprints.



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