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How to Travel on the Cheap

We want you to get out and explore. Traveling exposes you to new environments, foods and cultures which is, quite frankly, good for the soul. While I am sure that you would love to travel to new and exciting destinations, money may be a problem. But, with these cheap travel tips, you can have your vacation and enjoy it too!

Travel Cheap

If you are up for it, making travel plans last minute can cut costs. Take some time off work and pack your swim suit, then wait until the last minute to decide where you’re going. Package vacations drop in price as their date approaches and hotels and flights need to be filled. Look at sites like Sell Off Vacations or Travel Last Minute for cheap deals on exotic locations.

Opt for a holiday that doesn’t include flights. Train trips and road trips can be just as much fun. You can ride-share which means that you carpool with someone who is travelling to the same place as you. You can find rides at Rideshare or Kanga.

In the mood for a road trip? Moving other people’s cars is one way to get around. See Auto Drive Away for opportunities, although you will have to get back via public transport.

Stay Cheap

Hotels can be a major expense when you’re on the move, so ditch the room service for stellar views. Camping is a great way to see a country and the cheapest accommodation you can find. Campsites are great places to meet locals and other travelers. If you want to stay in a city, try Camp in my Garden—a site that links campers with friendly locals who want to share their space.

If you don’t want to take your camping gear along, try Couch Surfing. Here locals offer couches for free to travelers.

House sitting is a great way to stay for free. In this win/win situation, you get accommodation and the home owner gets to go on vacation with the knowledge that their home is well taken care of. Try Mind my House or Trusted House Sitters.

House swapping is also a convenient way to get free accommodation. Try Home Exchange where you swap homes with someone in a country that you would like to visit.

Work for your dinner! You can exchange your labor for food and accommodation through the WWOOF network. WWOOF connects workers with organic farmers who need help on their farms. Learn more about farming while enjoying the countryside and fresh air.

Eat Cheap

Restaurants can be expensive, especially in tourist districts. Instead, shop at local markets where food is cheaper. Get accommodation with a kitchen so you can make your own meals or camp so that you have access to barbecues.

Always carry a water bottle with you. There are usually free sources of clean water which means you don’t have to spend money on buying bottled water which can be expensive, especially in airports.

Speaking of airports, always take your own food and snacks. While airport selections may be tempting, the prices are not.

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