League of Extraordinary Billionaires To Save Earth from Climate Change

If you ask me, billionaires are evolving! Now being an insane megalomaniac bent on taking over Bill Gates Addresses Students At Columbia Universitythe world is so passé. Instead, the wealthiest few are focused on a refreshing new plan that could actually save humanity from themselves. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Richard Branson have banded together with other wealthy entrepreneurs to invest in renewable energy sources and help curb climate change.

Totally upstaging the UN climate change talks, the 28 investors announced their Breakthrough Energy Coalition which will focus on finding energy solutions for the future.

The Coalition will fund all those promising alternative energy prototypes and studies shunned or suppressed by the fossil fuel industry and the governments that support them. Research into alternative energy sources will get a boost of funding that will, hopefully, bring some of these interesting ideas into full-scale, commercial production.

While not rising to the challenge, 20 countries have at least been made to shuffle sheepishly in their seats and commit to doubling their research and development funding into alternative energy sources over the next five years in what has been named Mission Innovation.

Don’t expect fireworks either—Gates predicts a wait of at least a decade for a significant breakthrough and then another 20 years before the new energy sources enjoy widespread implementation.


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